Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't exercised in ages/My Fitness Levels are Low!!

No worries! Every Class can be modified to your fitness levels. All Classes are low impact or no impact so easy on the joints and body. Starting off slowly is encouraged! We ALL have to start somewhere!

Can I book a private class?

Yes of course! Most people feel they need or want a private session for what ever reason. Private Sessions can be booked for an individual or a Small Group (family members/friends). The Price is still the same!

Can I access your online classes at any time?

Yes through the My Fitness Studio App! Once downloaded you can book any Class and see how many participants have booked that Class too.

What Do I wear/Bring with me?

Wear loose clothing you can move easily in. Trainers on feet apart from Yoga which can be done bare foot or with socks. Always come hydrated and with Water, plus a Exercise Mat for Yoga, LBTs and Body Tone. No Mat required for Aerobics and Walk Fitness. 
We do have a Kitchen with plastic Cups so don't worry if you forget your water!